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Make your own mince pies

Mince pies and Christmas come hand in hand, join in the festivities by making your own mince pies. There are many recipes online, however, here we will share one of our favourites and luckily, they are extremely simple.  Easy mince pies with crunchy crumble tops Ingredients: 200g apricot jam 300g dried mixed fruit 200g plain flour 100g butter, cut into cubes 1 egg yolk 100g plain flour 25g icing sugar plus extra for dusting 50g butter cut into cubes 50g whole almond, chopped Recipe: Put the dried fruit and jam in a small pan, heat until melted together and cool. Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Break down the butter into small [...]

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Student Blogger – onwards and upwards!

Dark and drizzly. Not the inspiring start I had hoped for on University moving day, but it was going to take more than the weather to dampen my mood. Packing up the car resembled a giant game of Tetris and for the first half of the morning we certainly weren’t winning (apparently my small forest of house plants wasn’t particularly convenient to pack). But it hit midday, and we were off, although not before stopping for the postman delivering my fluffy slippers that I had ordered last minute, and wasn’t expecting to arrive for freshers. Definitely a sign for the [...]

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Student Blogger – not just for First Years

Hello, I’m Destiny and I have chosen to move back into Broadgate Park as a returning student in September. There are several advantages that come with choosing this accommodation. To begin, I chose Broadgate Park because it has many facilities that can be useful to us students, for example there is a library next to the laundry room that is open 24 hours for students. This has been very helpful to me, especially during exam times when I’m doing late night studying and don’t want to walk onto campus for the library. In addition, there is also a lounge area [...]

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