Dark and drizzly. Not the inspiring start I had hoped for on University moving day, but it was going to take more than the weather to dampen my mood. Packing up the car resembled a giant game of Tetris and for the first half of the morning we certainly weren’t winning (apparently my small forest of house plants wasn’t particularly convenient to pack). But it hit midday, and we were off, although not before stopping for the postman delivering my fluffy slippers that I had ordered last minute, and wasn’t expecting to arrive for freshers. Definitely a sign for the day to come.

The first half of the journey was smooth sailing, but some pretty gnarly traffic stunted our progress in the final half-hour. Finally, tired and hungry, we crawled into Broadgate Park which was as much of a maze as we remembered from the open days, and were met by some lovely staff with some much needed hot tea and coffee, along with some chocolates that didn’t go a miss.

Checking in and grabbing my keys was a breeze, and I was unlocking my brand new room in no time. I had paid for a standard room and was pleasantly surprised by the size, cosy but comfortable is the best way I could describe it. Everything was super clean and tidy, so all I had to do was empty the car and put my own spin on things. In that moment I became an interior designer and found myself spouting words like ‘complimenting colours’ and ‘feng shui’; but I think it turned out pretty great and I’m sure you’ll agree (see above). Slowly but surely, what had begun as a room, had started to become a home. Although despite the spacious wardrobe, it took a couple of tries and a lot of patience to cram in all of my clothes… What! It saves washing! An hour and a packet of board pins later, I was completely unpacked and decorated, and some refreshments were definitely in order.

My family and I headed into Beeston, which is wonderfully quaint may I add, and grabbed some dinner. The final supper. As deliciously distracting as food is, the elephant in the room was excruciating, as we all knew that with every bite, the departure was looming. With our bellies filled, we decided to head to a local supermarket to ensure my cupboards were the same, and my parents kindly treated me to my first University shop. And following the theme of the day; everything was an essential.

After heading home to Broadgate Park, we rather slowly unpacked the shopping, which was probably due to a combination of the sheer volume and the fact that we were all trying to subconsciously postpone my parents’ departure. But the sun was setting on moving day, and the time came to say goodbye. With heavy eyelids and hearts, I bid farewell to my parents and little brother and retreated to the kitchen where my new flat mates had drinks and welcomes waiting. Broadgate Park; let the fun commence.

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Broadgate Park

Broadgate Park is our primary residence, consisting of over forty blocks in beautiful leafy grounds.