Hello, I’m Destiny and I have chosen to move back into Broadgate Park as a returning student in September. There are several advantages that come with choosing this accommodation. To begin, I chose Broadgate Park because it has many facilities that can be useful to us students, for example there is a library next to the laundry room that is open 24 hours for students. This has been very helpful to me, especially during exam times when I’m doing late night studying and don’t want to walk onto campus for the library. In addition, there is also a lounge area that is open 24 hours next to the library with projector screens and playstations. This has been a great area for my flatmates and I to come together, relax and enjoy each other’s company without having to travel anywhere or spend any money. Further, there are many individuals in Broadgate who have been very helpful for me during my say. For example, the Tutors on Broadgate have been very helpful when dealing with loud noises late at night or any injuries or severe problems with other flatmates. They have helped me and some other friends prevent others from doing things they may regret. Once problems are resolved, the team members remain involved through check ins to ensure everyone is okay and safe. I really enjoy the support they provide. Lastly, the team is also very helpful in regards to repairing anything that may be broken. They come right away and ensure that everything is fixed while also keeping a friendly manner.

To continue, Broadgate Park is only a five minute walk from the University’s main campus. This has become very convenient as it has made it easy for me to get to my classes at a reasonable time even when I may be running a little late. Also, there is a gym on the main campus, which has allowed me to maintain physical activity during studies and assignments. Furthermore, Broadgate Park is only a two minute walk from Co-Op where I usually do most of my grocery shopping because it is very close by and is open until 11pm everyday as well as on Sundays which is the day I do shopping for the following week. Likewise, occasionally Co-Op can seem too expensive for certain products, but nothing to worry about! Beeston Town Centre is just a ten minute walk from Broadgate Park where there is a variety of supermarkets to choose from, such as Tesco, Iceland, Sainsbury’s and Lidl. These places have been a little more useful and helpful for me when waiting for student finance or when funds may be low.

In conclusion, Broadgate Park has been such a great place to stay with no problems and easy access to basically everything and any support and guidance I could possibly need and these are the reasons why I have chosen to stay another year at Broadgate. I strongly believe every student who decides to stay at Broadgate Park will happily enjoy their time.

-Destiny Green

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Broadgate Park

Broadgate Park is our primary residence, consisting of over forty blocks in beautiful leafy grounds.