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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay in my existing room if I am a current resident?2023-02-28T11:29:50+00:00

Yes – if you are in a Studio room, we’ll try and allow you to stay through in the same room without having to pack up your belongings, but this is subject to availability – please register your interest via this online form. If you’re interested in a stay-through and are not in a studio room then please book a room via the Casual Lets booking portal for the maximum let length, we can then arrange an early arrival into your new room nearer the time if you let us know by emailing accommodationnottingham@upp-ltd.com.

Can I do a group booking?2023-02-28T11:29:58+00:00

Yes. Simply contact us at accommodationnottingham@upp-ltd.com and we can arrange for a group booking with rooms co-located, subject to availability. For large groups over 10 people, you can also contact accommodationnottingham@upp-ltd.comwhere we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

How do I find the cost of a stay?2023-02-28T11:30:07+00:00

Prices start at £22 and vary according to length of stay and room type. In order to find an exact price, you’ll need to login to our Summer Village booking portal where you’ll be able to see exact pricing and availability by room type.

I see bedding is not provided. Can I purchase this from you?2023-02-28T11:30:17+00:00

Bedding is not provided and so you’ll need your own pillow, bedsheets and duvet to use on our mattress. However, we can supply single bedding packs which will allow you to make a bed at only £25, which includes all of the above. Your bedding pack can be purchased via the online booking portal when reserving your room.

What length of stays do you accept? Is there a minimum or maximum?2023-02-28T11:30:30+00:00

We accept bookings starting from only 1 night, to a maximum of the full time that the Summer Village operates – which as a guide, is from late-July to early-September. For exact dates and availability, the best thing to do is check out Summer Village booking portal, which will show you what we have available and for how long.

How many people can stay in a room?2023-02-28T11:30:43+00:00

All Broadgate Park rooms have single beds and as such are designed for only one person. Therefore each person wanting to stay in the Summer Village will require their own booking.

Do you need to be a student to book a room in the Summer Village?2023-02-28T11:33:30+00:00

Our Summer Village is open to all, so you do not need to be a student to book a room.

What is the Broadgate Park Summer Village?2023-02-28T11:33:39+00:00

Broadgate Park is one of Nottingham’s largest student accommodation schemes and is located adjacent to the University’s main campus. In the summer period out of the University term-time, the Summer Village opens, offering a stock of Broadgate Park available for booking by everyone.

What room types are available for short-term lets?2022-11-27T20:52:31+00:00

Our Short-Term Lets page shows all of the room types that may be available for a short-term let. Our stock of these lets is extremely limited and so some of these may sell-out – we will be able to inform you of the latest position once you contact our team.

Will be room be inspected at the end of my stay?2021-02-10T10:50:59+00:00

Yes, your residence manager will complete a full room check once you have departed from your room. After everyone in your flat has departed the communal areas will then also be checked. This inspection will check for cleaning and any damage, photographs will be taken of any cleaning required and or damage that may be chargeable to you. You will be notified of any deductions prior to your deposit being returned. If you have any queries regarding this process you can liaise with your residence managers at bgpresidencemanagers@upp-ltd.com.

Can I extend my departure date?2021-02-10T10:50:41+00:00

Depending on availability and room type we may be able to extend the end date of your accommodation licence. Please contact the Accommodation Services Team to request your extension broadgatepark@upp-ltd.com.

When do I have to leave my room?2021-02-10T10:50:16+00:00

You must leave your room and return your keys to the main Broadgate Park reception by 10am on the last day of your licence. Any delays in your departure could incur overstay charges. If you are unsure of your licence end date, please check with reception.

I can’t login on the app, who should I contact?2021-02-10T10:49:57+00:00

If you are experiencing issues accessing our app please contact our support team support@homeathalls.com.

What can I use the app for?2021-06-16T08:24:26+00:00

The Home@Halls app is important to help you stay informed and manage your stay easily at Broadgate Park. You can use the app for the main functions

  • Submit your room inventory
  • Log a maintenance issue
  • Sign up for events
  • Stay up to date on the latest news at Broadgate Park
  • Give Feedback
I haven’t received my deposit yet, who should I contact?2021-02-10T10:48:47+00:00

Please contact the Accommodation Services Team broadgatepark@upp-ltd.com or 0115 681 0020.

How long will it take for my refund to be processed?2021-02-10T10:48:23+00:00

Your deposit return will be returned to your nominated account within 28 days from the end of your licence period. If your details are submitted later than this date then there will be a delay in your deposit return.

How do I apply for a deposit refund?2021-02-10T10:48:02+00:00

You must complete your account details on the Broadgate Park Student Portal (https://accommodation.uppbroadgatepark.com/Student_Portal/) and go to the Check Out > Refund section to submit.

Is there any support available for me whilst I am self-isolating?2021-06-16T11:50:04+00:00

Yes, there is support available for you during your period of self-isolation. Please see our covid FAQs for more details; Covid-19 Isolation FAQs (uppbroadgatepark.com). You can also find more information on the University of Nottingham website; Coronavirus (Covid-19) – The University of Nottingham.

My flatmate has tested positive, what should I do?2021-02-10T10:39:29+00:00

You should self-isolate in your flat according to the most up to date government guidance.

I’ve tested positive, who do I need to notify?2021-02-10T10:39:17+00:00

You should notify us on the Home at Halls app as well as the University of Nottingham using this link.

I want to leave my accommodation, what shall I do?2022-01-24T10:54:30+00:00

We have to advise that you will remain liable for the full years rent unless a replacement is found for your room. We can add you to our seeking replacement list, once you have completed the vacating residence form, however it is your responsibility to seek your own replacement. We advise that you advertise your room on Gumtree, Unipol, Facebook and Accommodation for students.

When vacating the room please complete the Vacating Residence form on the website here

Can I move rooms if I do not like where I am allocated?2022-01-24T10:56:27+00:00

We have a room move procedure on 16th of each month to review any requests from students who wish to swap rooms. It is not guaranteed that we will be able to offer you an alternative however where possible we will facilitate a swap with another student.

If you wish to request a swap please complete the Room Swap request form here.

I no longer want to stay at Broadgate Park, can I cancel?2021-02-10T10:36:40+00:00

Dependant on when you accepted your accommodation offer (you have 7 working days to cancel your offer following your online acceptance) then you may need to find a replacement to take over your accommodation contract. Please contact the Accommodation Services Team to discuss further broadgatepark@upp-ltd.com.

I am no longer attending the University, can I cancel?2021-06-16T08:24:13+00:00

If you have withdrawn from your course at the University of Nottingham please contact the Accommodation Services Team for more information broadgatepark@upp-ltd.com

Is there are welfare support available on site?2021-09-20T18:43:44+00:00

Our Warden and Tutor team are available for your social needs and to provide pastoral care. There are 13 tutors across the Broadgate Park site (including 1 each at Albion and Cloister House). They are available 7 days a week from 9.30pm – 3.30am on the following contact details:

Broadgate Park – 07880092658 / 07880092659

Albion House – 07880092660

Cloister House – 07980961820


More information can be found on this poster or at nottingham.ac.uk/go/resx.

Where are the nearest supermarkets?2021-06-16T08:24:40+00:00

Albion House and Broadgate Park are both located in the lively Nottingham suburb of Beeston which has many large supermarkets. Cloister House is in Dunkirk with access to a large Sainsbury’s, a Tesco Express and Spar.

How long does it take to get to the University Park / Jubilee Campus?2021-06-16T08:24:51+00:00

We are located right next to the west entrance of University Park. The Portland building is in the centre of University Park and it takes approx. 15 minutes to walk there.

Do you have a Reception?2021-06-16T08:25:06+00:00

Yes, our reception on the main Broadgate park site is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How big is Broadgate Park?2021-06-16T08:25:20+00:00

Housing over 2200 students means that Broadgate Park is a large site. Broadgate Park is split into 3 areas – Turnpike Lane (Close to West Entrance of the University), Upper Court and Lower Court. We also have 2 satellite sites Albion House (located 15 minutes’ walk from west entrance of the University) and Cloister House (located close to QMC).

How many students live at Broadgate Park?2021-06-16T08:25:32+00:00

We have over 2200 students at Broadgate Park. Of this number we have a mixture of Undergraduate and Postgraduate students as well as 1st Year and Returner students.

Are there laundry facilities on site?2021-02-10T10:32:42+00:00

The Reception laundry and Albion House laundry rooms operate on the circuit laundry app. Our other laundries across the site operate on a cash basis. All laundries are £2 to wash and £1 to dry-exact change is required in the cash operated laundries.

Do you have bike storage?2021-06-16T08:25:43+00:00

We have several bike stores across all 3 sites at Broadgate Park, Albion House and Broadgate Park. Please liaise with our reception team to arrange access.

Is there any parking available?2021-08-12T09:29:02+00:00

Parking permits are available for £300 per year. Click Here to download an application form and submit to reception to process your request.

Fixed penalty notices of £75 will be applied to non-permit holders or failing to display a permit.

Visitor parking is also available, all visitors should report to reception to be issued with a visitor pass and directed to our visitor parking at Lower Court.

Do you have any common rooms?2021-06-16T11:48:45+00:00

There are 3 main communal areas across the Broadgate Park site

  • The Courtyard – social space located at the bottom of Redwoods
  • Level 1 – The Library – Communal and individual Study Space with access to a printer located above Reception
  • Level 1 – The Lounge – Gaming and social space

All spaces are available to all Broadgate Park residents.

Where do I go on arrival?2021-06-16T11:49:22+00:00

All of our arrivals must check in at the main Broadgate Park reception – Turnpike Lane, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2RX. If you are checking into Albion House or Cloister House during our arrivals weekend then please check your where to go on arrival emailer.

What time can I check in?2021-02-10T10:30:04+00:00

You can check in anytime from 8am onwards on your date of arrival. Our reception is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so there is always a member of staff to welcome you and issue your room keys.

Are there any items I am not allowed to bring with me?2021-02-10T10:29:46+00:00

Yes, there are a few items from a health and safety perspective that are prohibited to have within our halls. The list below is not exhaustive and provided as a guide only. If you have any concerns about an item please contact Broadgate park reception.

  • Animals
  • Fairy Lights – unless battery operated
  • Candles/Incense Sticks/Joss Sticks
  • Chip Pans and Deep Fat Fryers
  • Rice Cookers are prohibited in your room but can be used in your communal kitchen (ONLY)
  • Convector/Fan/Halogen Heater – oil filled heaters are authorised
  • Over door hangers – cannot be used on your room door
  • Mini Fridges – if you require a medical fridge in your room please contact broadgateenquiries@upp-ltd.com to arrange (Subject to condition)
What do I need to bring?2021-06-16T08:23:55+00:00
  • Bedding and Towels
    • Bed Linen (fitted bed sheet, duvet, pillows and covers)
    • Hand Towel
    • Bath Towel
  • Cooking Equipment
    • Crockery (plate, bowl, mug and a glass)
    • Cutlery and cooking utensils
    • Saucepan/ Frying pan
    • Baking Tray
    • Tea Towels
  • Other Essentials
    • Clothes Hangers
    • Warm coat, hat, gloves and a scarf
    • Umbrella
    • Toilet Paper
What should I do if I do not receive my student loan in time for my rent and deposit payment?2021-02-10T10:28:10+00:00

If you are reliant on student finance, you should pay a minimum of £250 deposit and a £250 rent payment prior to your arrival. If you have any further issues with your student finance payments then please email sas@nottingham.ac.uk to discuss.

I can’t see my payments on the MyNottingham portal, what shall I do?2021-02-10T10:27:44+00:00

Your rent invoices will not appear on the MyNottingham portal immediately. If you cannot see your rent invoices please make a manual payment and contact accommodation@nottingham.ac.uk to amend this.

How do I pay?2021-06-16T11:51:12+00:00

Payments for your deposit and rent payments should be made direct to the University of Nottingham; Paying your accommodation fees – The University of Nottingham.

Do I need to pay a deposit?2021-06-16T08:26:12+00:00

All students need to pay a £250 damage deposit, this will be held on your account and refunded at the end of your licence.

Can I book for 1 semester?2021-02-10T10:26:10+00:00

We have a small number of rooms available for a single semester, you must apply for these via the University of Nottingham.

Can I arrive before the licence start date?2021-02-10T10:25:44+00:00

In some circumstances we can allow you to arrive early, please contact broadgatepark@upp-ltd.com to discuss further.

Are the licence dates fixed?2021-06-16T08:27:31+00:00

We have a fixed term licence of 44 weeks for Undergraduate students and 51 weeks for Postgraduate students.

Do you mix 1st years and returners?2021-06-16T08:26:24+00:00

No, we have returner only flats.

Do you mix Undergraduate / Postgraduate students?2021-06-16T08:26:36+00:00

No, we have blocks specifically for Undergraduates and Postgraduate students.

Do you allocate based on course / personality?2021-06-16T08:26:47+00:00

No, our allocations are made at random. We believe this enables you to meet lots of different people which enhances your student journey.

Do you have single sex accommodation?2021-06-16T11:54:27+00:00

Most of our flats are mixed sex, however if you require single sex accommodation, we will meet this request (subject to availability)

Can I make special requests?2021-06-16T08:27:08+00:00

Yes, you can, we try to meet all special requests however sometimes this isn’t possible. We will contact you if we are unable to meet your requests.

When will I find out my room allocation?2021-02-10T10:20:26+00:00

We release room allocations approximately 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

How do I book onto an Open Day?2021-02-10T10:16:08+00:00

You must register on the University of Nottingham website.

Do you have any rooms available to view?2021-02-10T10:15:50+00:00

We do have a show room available. This is an Ensuite studio and is available to view Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

How do I find out more information about the Welcome Week Programme?2021-02-10T10:15:24+00:00

Please see the information pages on the University of Nottingham website; https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/academicservices/currentstudents/registration/international-welcome-programme.aspx

What happens if I do not get my visa?2021-02-10T10:14:46+00:00

If you do not successfully obtain your visa, we will ask for confirmation of this and cancel your accommodation offer with us.

Can I apply for accommodation before my visa has been approved?2021-02-10T10:14:31+00:00

Yes, all we ask is that you keep us updated regarding the progress of this. Inclusive of any delays to your arrival time.

How long does it take for the application process?2021-02-10T10:13:57+00:00

The application process can take around 1-2 weeks. When we receive your application we will verify your student status with the University of Nottingham, once this has been done we are able to send you your room offer.

How do I apply?2021-06-16T11:54:07+00:00

Applications can be made via the Broadgate Park portal

When can I apply?2021-02-10T10:13:46+00:00

Applications open in around November of each year and stay open until we do not have any availability.

What is a returning student?2021-02-10T10:13:40+00:00

A returning student is a student who has completed at least 1 year of study at the University of Nottingham.

I have a conditional offer, can I apply?2022-06-29T14:12:29+00:00

Yes, you can apply with a conditional offer and if you do not achieve the entry requirements for your course, we will cancel the offer for you. The University will notify us of your offer status following results day, so you do not have to.

How long does it take for the application process?2021-02-10T10:13:26+00:00

From the date of application, it can take around 1-2 weeks until you receive a room offer.

How/when can I apply?2023-03-22T12:08:27+00:00

All 1st year students can apply via the University of Nottingham website from the 17th April; Accommodation – The University of Nottingham

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