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The Benefits of the Humble Houseplant

February 22, 2021|0 Comments

The 5 reasons behind why having houseplants really can be beneficial to your physical and mental health Student Contributor The number of people buying houseplants over recent years has dramatically increased, but often the physical [...]

Transition to a Vegan Diet

January 22, 2021|0 Comments

Tips On How To Transition To A Vegan Diet Bolatito Martins  Vegan! A dietary lifestyle we are hearing more often these days, especially in January. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to [...]

Small Acts of Kindness

January 20, 2021|0 Comments

Small Acts of Kindness to Create Good Vibes in Your Flat Chelsea Sowden As people always say, it's the little things that really matter. They really add up too, so here's some suggestions of small [...]

Student Blogger – onwards and upwards!

August 4, 2020|0 Comments

Dark and drizzly. Not the inspiring start I had hoped for on University moving day, but it was going to take more than the weather to dampen my mood. Packing up the car resembled a [...]

Student Blogger – not just for First Years

November 7, 2019|0 Comments

Hello, I’m Destiny and I have chosen to move back into Broadgate Park as a returning student in September. There are several advantages that come with choosing this accommodation. To begin, I chose Broadgate Park [...]

Our new app is live!

April 24, 2019|0 Comments

Home at Halls is a brand new Broadgate Park app for all students living in our accommodation. It is FREE to download from the Google Play Store / Apple App Store. All you have to do is [...]