Mental Health is the foundation of every human being. Your actions may be based on how you reason with everyday thoughts in your mind, as well as situational changes in your environment, choices, people, work, university life, pandemic, politics, and so much more. Often, these changes may cause stressful situations which may lead to overthinking, anxiety, depression, and many more mental battles.

Being at university, especially during a pandemic has caused a lot of physical, psychological, mental and emotional stress on many university students. We believe that it is important to express your thoughts in the hopes of a stress-free mindset to improve your overall wellbeing. So here’s a top 5 list of what you can do if you are battling with your mental health*.

*Please note that these suggestions are purely optional, and opinion based, the information provided is NOT from a medical stand point. The tips below have been written from personal experiences and research.

Seek Medical Advice

Mental health battles differ from person to person, no matter how severe your health may be, It is beneficial to seek medical advice from a professional who can provide you with the resources you need to get better. Book an appointment with your local GP and discuss the issues you are going through, often this can be a great starting point for your wellbeing.

Talk To Someone You Trust

Oftentimes we may feel as though no one understands what we are going through, our minds can sometimes feel like a bubble, bouncing back and forth, but you may be surprised how many people can empathise or sympathise with your thoughts. Talk to someone you can trust, someone that can offer great advice and someone who cares for you. This can aid your mental development and provide a healthy system of expressing yourself.

Find or Create a Support Group

We have so many ways of communicating at the tips of our fingers, there has been a surge of people who are talking about personal experiences with mental health, some stories may be found on Youtube, Blogs and many more platforms. Facebook groups can be a perfect way in which you can gain an understanding of other people’s stories and struggles as well, you can relate and make friends through the platform. You can also create a Facebook group for yourself and people to talk through issues and understand different perspectives, gain healthy tips and work through some of the mental health complications you may have. Seeing and hearing people go through similar struggles as you may help you feel less isolated in your journey to healing.


Therapy is a great way in which you can seek advice for your mental health, talking through your thoughts with a professional is a great way of gaining insight and provides a way in which you can work through issues that may be dormant. Finding a professional therapist can be a wonderful way to seek the advice and help you need for your overall wellbeing.


Journaling is a wonderful way you can write down your feelings, this can be therapeutic and can be performed through typing on a laptop or writing in a notebook. Also it’s a great way in which you can look back and see how your mindset has developed or changed. Journaling can also be a great way of getting your feelings written down in a specific moment and can be an amazing addition to your overall wellbeing.

Whether it’s stresses from studying, stresses from home life or stresses from a pandemic, mental health is important and vital to living a sound and fruitful life. Hopefully these tips help you find solutions to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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