Small Acts of Kindness to Create Good Vibes in Your Flat

Chelsea Sowden

As people always say, it’s the little things that really matter. They really add up too, so here’s some suggestions of small acts of kindness that’ll go a long way to filling your flat with all of the positive vibes.

A cup of tea solves (nearly) everything

Grabbing a brew? Offer to make a round! Ask your flatmates or even drop a message in the group chat to see if anyone wants one. Bringing a cuppa to someone’s room can give you a good chance to check in with them too and will ultimately bring you closer. Even if you think they’ll say no, it’s the thought that counts and it’ll make all the difference. Not a tea person? Offer some biscuits or hot chocolate!


Cook a meal

Cooking for each other could be something you all do on a regular basis, or it could just be offering up a bowl of pasta when you’ve made too much. Even if you don’t cook for someone and don’t eat the same thing, make time to catch up over a meal every now and then. You can chat about anything you like, but it really does help to bring you closer to your flatmates and it’s a great way to get to know each other outside of the usual fast-paced buzz. Even if they don’t take you up, the invitation can really make someone’s day! Sharing is caring, right?


Leave a nice surprise

Uni is stressful and can be intense, so why not leave sweet surprises in your communal areas? This could be anything from some chocolates on the kitchen table to an encouraging note on the fridge. That way, even if you don’t run in to them face to face, you’re still spreading the good vibes!


Spend a night in together

It’s up to you guys what you choose to do, but there’s something to suit everyone! You could try a movie and popcorn night, order in a takeaway together, do a quiz, the sky is the limit! Make a night of it and spend it together. There’s no point in everybody moping around in their rooms wishing they were doing something better!



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